MDPcompany is a business office that offers to coordinate the production of steel structures or another products.
We support the implementation of construction projects by project management, managment by quality, using quality systems in mind rules TQM.

Steel products manufacturing
Our partners are different steel products manufacturers, acting on the market for many years. Good knowledge of the market and cooperation with verified and qualified contractors make us together capable of realizing projects for different industries. We are oriented to permanent development, and so we support our contractors taking care of their continuous development and qualifications increase.

Workshops we are cooperating with possess any certificates and authorizations necessary to produce structures and fulfill all European standards.
Workshop, and as-built documentation will be made according to client's requirements as wells as per any codes and standards.
Complex project management
We keep production supervision. We choose contractor on base of his qualifications and ability to meet customer's requirements and expectations. Thanks to management instruments we are able to undertake a tasks put in front of us during realization of ambitious projects. We keep very direct contact with our customers during the whole cycle of project realization.
Complex project management:
- allow to concentrate actions on particular project, bringing to a final success,
- thanks to system approach to every single project we are able to work with few project at the same time,
- we are able to realize any project connected with steel structure manufacturing - easily, fast and efficiently,
- thanks to complex project management we are able to provide final product that fulfil all requirements stated by final customer,
- system of supervising of manufacturing process enables permanent monitoring of project realization.
Production and supervision
Our actions during project realization comprise such activities as: creating of time schedules, reporting, engineering supervision, quality control and release, also together with customer's inspectors, logistics / supervision of delivery. We plan our actions carefully for every single case and separately for each project. We make a project life cycle, and after it is finished a ready products get to customer's hands
Design office participation
Dependent on needs we cooperate with design offices which are able to translate idea of the project into technological operations. It means that there is possibility to make quick design correction at the very early stage, which may create that project will appear cheaper and easier, but still without any legal requirements load or affect.